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Coast Spa Model VSW50 Serial Number 226280

Breaker/Ground fault interrupter trips.

1. Tried new Breaker/Ground fault interrupter. Still trips.

2. Disconnected the two motor and ozone plugs from the control board. Still trips.

3. Disconnected the power from the Spa. Breaker does not trip.

4. If power is remove from the control board terminal labeled black this breaker does not trip.

5. Also tried the Red wire to the Black control board terminal, will trip.

6. Ohm Metered the input power terminal. this is with the power cables removed, not just the breaker in the off position. Used a Fluke Meter.

7 From the White terminal to Red terminal 0 ohms. From the White terminal to the Black terminal 20 ohms. From the Ground terminal to the Black Terminal 20 ohms. White terminal to ground terminal 0 ohms.

8. Other information: The Spa does not have any water in it at this time. The owner (a friend of mine) just drained it because is get cold here. Normally uses it through the winter but was having a problem with it. The problem was when there was a power outage (area wide) and when restored the breaker would trip. He would reset it and the Spa would work as normal. This is why the Breaker/interrupter was replaced. Back to no water in the Spa. Is there a sensor in the system that would shut down the system a cause the breaker to trip. thanks Rick

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Coast Spas Pros: No opinion just helping owner out.

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Hello! Had the same problem with my spa, different brand.

It is not your spa, it’s the power pack, your breaker. The curly white neutral wire cannot be connected to the neutral bar. It must be connect on the breaker itself, in a special terminal.

It detects any load and trips the breaker. Good luck