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Update by user Jan 23, 2018

This issue was resolved today, the local dealer called us and have gone out of their way to make it right for us.

Original review posted by user Jan 11, 2018

I have a infinity edge tub from Coast Spas... Where to start with these guys!

The first thing that happened and remains an ongoing issue is the ill fitting lid on the infinity edge tub. They have sent 4 new lids now, nothing like trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! After the first one they did add a small flap that catches a small potion of the water and directs it back into the overflow. However there is a 1/2" gap all along the front edge and the water drains out.

In the winter this results in over 1" thick ice surrounding the tub (coating the clips so you have to bring a hammer if you want in the tub. Plus the obviously high heating bill and the fact that you have to fill the bladder weekly. With this particular issue I tried to deal with Coast, but they wouldn't talk to me. I went to the Better Business Bureau about them and there decision was I needed to talk to the dealer (I never did get that, the dealer didn't make the tub).

Coast did offer the dealer a small amount of money if they would pay to replace the tub and told them they could re-sell the defective tub for the rest of the money!! Re-sell a tub that is getting replaced because it doesn't work?? Nice ethics guys!!! Also with this issue I also posted on facebook with photos.

Someone else in SK commented on my review and we had a few comments and pictures of all the ice (his was even worse). The next day we noticed the removed their facebook review section!! Again, nice ethics guys!! I own my own business, if someone were to give me a bad review I would comment on the review and try to fix the problem...Seems reasonable right?

Finally after the last lid came in (identical to all the others they sent) and still didn't fit and then they said they couldn't recreate the problem and washed their hands of it. Now to all the other issues: -First 6 months the main control board fried itself to a burnt little crisp. -Next within the first year the main control panel cracked around the buttons and was damaged by water and replaced. -Not even two months ago new master circuit board again and right this second even the dealer is outside replace it again.

-One lid came with the clips slightly closer together so we had to put a bunch of new holes in the panels. Not that it matters because all the water pouring over the sides has ruined the panels, they are stained and warped. -Rust forming around the metal (cause metal inside a tub is a great idea) waterfall. -My power bill has gone up around $50 a month, that's the same amount it takes for the entire rest of the home.

-Having to add water every week forced us to put in a special tap so we could fill it in winter. Also this means we have to use far more chemicals as the water is always changing... What is going to happen when the warranty is up? I have a feeling these problems are all inter related.

The only solution to me is to replace this defective tub. For them to stop trying to put the repair cost for their *** products on the dealers, stop pretending there are no problems, and make an effort at customer service!! Your tub is FAILING!!! I have just today left a message with the general manager (so I am told) from a poor "customer service" rep there, no call back yet.

I am scouring the web and intend to leave reviews where ever I can in order to inform consumers!! THEY ARE HIDING ALL THEIR BAD REVIEWS!! *I just want to note that I have no issues with the dealer, they do the warranty work and are helping me deal with Coast as much as they can. They have STOPPED selling these tubs as everyone that bought one here is having the same issues.

That is called ethics Coast!! #coastspas #coastspasreviews

Product or Service Mentioned: Coast Spas Hot Tub.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Coast Spas Cons: Product quality, Customer service, Infinity edge leaks water everywhere.

  • Infinity Edge
  • Cascade Series
  • Defect Hot Tub
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I marked this as resolved, the local dealer contacted me today and has worked out an arrangement that we accepted.