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We purchased our spa in Oct 2015. Absolutely no complaints with it until March 2016. During a water change we found cracking along the outer edge of the spa. Our dealer, whom is wonderful, decided to take it upon themselves to replace the spa on their own as they felt we would not be happy with its appearance afterwards. Apparently Coast had told them to repair the cracking and, according to our dealer, Coast had little concern about how it may... Read more

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Terrible. Awful. Worse reps out there. No product pride. Terrible from every criteria you can list.

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As i prepared to open a spa store i started my investigation for product for my store looked and talked to several vendors and service techs and what i found was 80% of there service calls are coast spas and they fail to tell you that the endless edge line tops are 600 to 800 to replace and only last 1 to 2 years and they splash water out of the tub unless u order a kit to help it there is no foot well in there lower line just a very over... Read more

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I've had my Coast spa for ten years and, luckily, it came with a five-year Warranty because within that time, the main computer had to be replaced and a valve in the plumbing/filter area came apart requiring a major tear-down & replacement of that part. Since it's gone out of warranty, I've replaced the heater, ozone creator, and (most recently) the two-speed motor/pump. It's a good thing I'm a retired automotive tech with knowledge of these... Read more

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The only two manufacturers left in 2016 that keep their ISO 9001 Quality Certification is Coast Spas and Watkins Manufacturing (for their US product not Mexican product). This quality certification is significant. If each hot tub or swim spa manufacturer had this level of quality they would spend $60,000 every six months to maintain this certification. Most hot tub and swim spa manufacturers opt out due to the expense. Coast Spas has worked... Read more

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NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Need new filter and get run around. The dealer finder only lists one location two hours away. The person I reached is not helpful. Price of filter $107.56 at factory but I was told by dealer would charge me $197. Plus taxes and shipping. God help if spa malfunctions. Some one has already made a profit from sale of spa. No one cares if I need assistance. Some body some where has figured this inflated dual filter... Read more

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Payed $15,000 + $5,000 install. After only one year I've had 2 pumps burn up; 2 leaks; Broken plastic components and rusted metal components. The Cascade II looks amazing when it is working but i have had so many problems. I really wish i had never purchased the spa. I was sold on this spa by the dealer who told me it had this amazing new ozone technology and no chemicals would be required. That was a flat out lie! I have to use about 4... Read more

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I was online looking for the Coast Spas website and saw this site. I was at first shocked that 30 something people would take their time to bash a product - so i read them. Most of the complaints seem to be due to consumer ignorance and poor dealer to consumer training...I am an independant service/repair tech and have been doing this since 2005. Most customers that complain of failing pillows, heaters, pumps etc are DUE TO the end user not... Read more

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Bought a coast radisson hot tub the first month we had it the heat element went , then the key pad had issues then #1 pump started smoking , just when you think your paying extra for quality you get burned biggest mistake of my life

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Really not happy! We bought this *** tub back in January/February 2014 and already had to replace the pillows and one of the jets, on my own dime since this *** don't back their product and warranty. This is not our first tub and should have stayed with our first tub! Paid over $400 for *** that should have been covered under warranty! I can only imagine what part will break next! Will not buy another, considering the price we paid for this one! Read more

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