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NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Need new filter and get run around. The dealer finder only lists one location two hours away. The person I reached is not helpful. Price of filter $107.56 at factory but I was told by dealer would charge me $197. Plus taxes and shipping. God help if spa malfunctions. Some one has already made a profit from sale of spa. No one cares if I need assistance. Some body some where has figured this inflated dual filter problem out. Dealer wants to make more profit from my dismay. Wow.... Read more

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Payed $15,000 + $5,000 install. After only one year I've had 2 pumps burn up; 2 leaks; Broken plastic components and rusted metal components. The Cascade II looks amazing when it is working but i have had so many problems. I really wish i had never purchased the spa. I was sold on this spa by the dealer who told me it had this amazing new ozone technology and no chemicals would be required. That was a flat out lie! I have to use about 4 different chemicals to keep everything in check. Buyer beware! Shop elsewhere for a spa. Read more

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I was online looking for the Coast Spas website and saw this site. I was at first shocked that 30 something people would take their time to bash a product - so i read them. Most of the complaints seem to be due to consumer ignorance and poor dealer to consumer training...I am an independant service/repair tech and have been doing this since 2005. Most customers that complain of failing pillows, heaters, pumps etc are DUE TO the end user not balancing the water regularly. The water you place in your spa varies from the source. what is normal... Read more

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Bought a coast radisson hot tub the first month we had it the heat element went , then the key pad had issues then #1 pump started smoking , just when you think your paying extra for quality you get burned biggest mistake of my life Add comment

Really not happy! We bought this *** tub back in January/February 2014 and already had to replace the pillows and one of the jets, on my own dime since this *** don't back their product and warranty. This is not our first tub and should have stayed with our first tub! Paid over $400 for *** that should have been covered under warranty! I can only imagine what part will break next! Will not buy another, considering the price we paid for this one! Read more

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Hot Tub is nice but having this Coast Spa Hot Tub for 3 years and the touch pad is shot already tells you the Quality is not their. Called the Dealership where we purchased it and they said warranty is only good for 1 year. But when we were sold the Tub they said 10 years but we did not read the fine print. To find out later all the Electrical Components are produced in Mexico. Why would we spend $10000 on a tub that has cheap components like this and the factory does not support. So it cost me over $200 to get repaired. Then they put on their... Read more

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I have had a Coast Spas Infinity Edge Phantom for three years now and had nothing but enjoyment from it. My Family and Friends LOVE it. It's innovative design gives us an uninterrupted view of our garden. The zero-displacement of the water level gives me chance to keep my head above water even when my three huge brothers jump in! I feel that Coast Spas DO support their spas and DO provide innovative and high quality products. As other reviews have stated... people shouldn't tarnish the brand (Coast Spas) online just because of a bad... Read more

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Very disappointed with our Coast Spa and the service provided to keep it running....Motor #2 was not functioning, so I called the dealer for servicing and was told that it needed a new #2 motor ($900)..I paid for the repair, and one week later, it stopped working again... When I called back to the service tech contact, he told me to simply replace the fuse on the circuit board (wondering if that was the only problem to begin with)..we did that, and it worked again, but then the fuse blew out after two weeks... for over two years, I have had to... Read more

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I barely use the hot tub every time I get in the mood the module or controls that let you set the temperature and filtration cycle breaks down now it is stuck on pump one. It's a pain in the *** no enjoyment I will be onto the 4th controls the guy that they sent out last time said this *** is made in China and that they are continually having issues. Great how many freak in times must it be replaced. Please come get your hot tub 9000 of hard earned money wasted no stress relief rather added stress since I had this hot tub. It's s freakin... Read more

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Below is a message I sent to Coast Spas berating their distributor (Leisure Time Spas, Waterford Michigan) and asking for assistance. It took a second message in ALL CAPS to get any one from Coast to respond. Once they did respond they told me there was nothing they could do and that I had to work it out with the distributor. I could not get any support from Coast. After nearly 10-months of frustration with this dealer they finally came out and replaced the leaking Top Side. Prior to this work being done I had noticed that my Salt Water... Read more

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